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Ali & Tuah:Sarang Empat Penjahat

So,I finally got this comic,and there are some things different from what the artist always present….No comic preaching in here (Haha xP)..And as I type,I am wondering if I should review this in English or Malay only to finally decide on English.Did you read everything here?Wow,Salutes.Ok,I am sorry

Assalamu ‘alaikum wr.wb to the Muslim readers and a Good Day to the Non-Muslim readers.


So what’s up?Been a while since I posted anything.Though I actually initially wanted to post a review on TwinX #4,something happened and like the obviously obvious thing any gamers do,I rage-quitted.

So yeah..

Ali & Tuah:Sarang Empat Penjahat (Ali & Tuah:Four Villains’ Nest(home?I dunno))

Can you believe I actually have been reading 40 villains until I actually make this review?o-O

Artist:Afiq Story:Nazry

Publisher: Komik-M,PTS Sdn. Bhd

Language:Bahasa Melayu

Status:Hopefully a Complete Prequel

What to expect?

·          SILAT!  HYAARRGGHH!(Haha)

·          Friend-arts

·          A kampung setting

·          This may sound weird,but one of my fetishes is this:Kain Samping (>3>)

·          Animal friends (yeah..)

·          More action from other FEEQRY comics,which is kind of nice

·          Surah Al-Fiil reference (No,srsly,it’s so Ababil ref)»»>

·          One Piece-ish

·          Hagane no Renkinjyutsushi-ish ..Yeah

Feel the air of awesome-ness

So,first I totally apologize for the images since the comic is really thick and it’s hard to scan (or maybe my scanning skills had just gone down…)


A traveler welcomes the comic with a dehydrated,tired look.As he,Ali,was complaining of his thirst,he saw a beautiful lake(maybe) in the middle of the beautiful dese——land.Excited,he ran and jumped into what was actually just a mirage.Despite his disappointment,he decided to move on only to be stopped by a man……..

Did I mention that the man was holding a parang and running towards Ali?




I got you there,did I not?Haha!That DID happen,but…

The real story actually revolves around Ali,supposedly the traveler and a young(?)(I dunno,Ali is more good looking than he is *shrugs*) man by the name of Tuah.After bumping into each other through a ‘welcoming’ occasion,the two men decided to embark on a journey to find the very culprits behind the burning and disaster of Tuah’s village,the notorious Pancakuasa.

One of my favourite scenes


As A Whole

Hmmmmm……..Well,first,I would like to give big salutations to my all-time favourite comic duo,Afiq & Nazry,for this courageous attempt in stepping out of their comfort zone.I know it is not easy to make a Malay-historical setting comic and that in itself is respectful.Now I think I can start telling you off (Lol)

I think this comic is a little too ambitious.Don’t get me wrong,the plot was quite there, but it felt like watching volumes of novels compressed into one single movie (I know we can all agree how that is like).Why I say it is ambitious is probably because there are so many things going on and part of them failed to develop.Either that,or they should not be there so other parts of the plot can be developed perfectly.While I was reading,I was actually hoping to see more plot on the Pancakuasa than the parts where they met the animals.It was developed but only when the story was beginning to end,which was kinda too late.

Another part I would like to point out,and I am very surprised too,is the character development….The same reason like the plot,too many characters that the development kinda got half-hearted..It surprised me tho,cos I always ‘stereotype’ FEEQRY’s comics as having good character development

However,although the plot and character development was kinda down,I think the story was actually there.I mean,it was nice,the vision,the goal and all,just that it was not executed perfectly and turned out to be like I said,ambitious.


Tell me you are reminded of ‘Wanted’ by Matsuri Hino

So,yes,the comic presents some new segments which are not presented in previous Komik-M comics(Or maybe I did not read the Komik-M comics which had these,then I am terribly sorry for tht)

Another innovation I would like to state is obviously the animal companions.Yes.ANIMAL COMPANIONS.I am not a fan of animal companions since I find them gimmicks in movies and such,especially that (annoying) polar bear in Barbie:Magic of Pegasus.I also find animal companions kind of like animal abuse (aka POKEMON-obvious animal abuse there).But hey,if there is something this comic made me,it made me thought that Si Ti,the mouse and the lizard (Ok,tht is me being bias cos I love reptiles) are really adorable characters.(Did I miss an animal friend?Nawwwwww,I don’t think so *ignores any future comments on me missing one animal companion)

Then there are the twins with their wacky hair.Ali,with his curse and the fish that almost ate Ali.

I would like to ask,did Ali kill the one animal companion whom I neglected’s mother?


I would like to say this so badly.I really don’t like Tuah Badang’s character design.

Other than that,the comic is pretty obviously Afiq’s drawing with maybe a bit of influence from Naoki Urasawa-sensei?The cover,was absurdly enticing.Thumbs up to En.Zool and Aura!

The action scenes were drawn perfectly and yeah,the ‘Afiq’s style of drawing’ is still there,which is nice to see.


——-No idea what each number represents? Click Here and scroll to the very bottom——-



Yeah,as I mentioned.The plot is there but the development was done quite poorly,making it ambitious.Hopefully,if you guys make a sequel,who knows,it might be rated higher.Oh,and do make the story more mature…I was kinda shocked that the comic ended up to be a little childish.

Character Development


Surprisingly,yeah.I know En Nazry is awesome in character development.I bet it came with the ambitious storyline.It hurts to rate this so low…Ahhh sorry



Rating this in a shonen-manga MANUAL DRAWING context.I bet Afiq always get this,so yeah,nice.



It’s still nice to read,and quite inspiring.The ideas are nice even though the ——yeah,you get it…Art is nice to copy (LOL) and the price is beautiful for a thick one.So even with the plot development is being on the downside,it is not that much of a waste of time to read.Besides,you don’t want to miss the hottie called Ali :P


And if you don’t mind,do donate(I say donate :P) Surah Al-Fatihah to FEEQRY’s father,Allayarham Abdul Salam bin Abdul Rahman and my cousin,Allahyarhamha Syahidah Binte Said.Thanks ^^

Wallahu A’lam 

Reactions:Otomen #13

Just bought Otomen Volume 13,looking at the cover,I was afraid it might be as disappointing as volume 12…BUT!!It made me go:

Of course,not as pretty as her …Huhuhu

Anyways,here’s a summary of what is in!


Misi 10A

I was searching for Misi 10A and fortune struck me thrice!Just sharing..Heh

Anyways,I almost gave up searching for it but my grandma’s words kept me going,

"Just try searching for it…"

And I did!What do you know,it was hidden behind another comic,which was weird because it’s a new release…..(Maybe I should lodge a complain…)

Misi 10A (The mission for 10As)

Artist:Afiq Story:Nazry


Language:Bahasa Melayu


What to Expect?

  • Fully-coloured comic
  • A different protagonist than Misi 8A(the prequel)
  • More fun characters
  • Various goals
  • Added genres (Compared to the prequel)

Hmm..It seems that Zahid is having it a bit tough….


This time around,the story focuses on Zahid,Aizad’s (Misi 8A) best friend and saviour.It seems that facing college life isn’t as simple.There’re bullies,competition,problem at work (Hmm?You’ll see) and *coughs* unavoidable feelings.Zahid is falling apart due to certain pressures and couldn’t find the nerves to share his problems with Aizad.Aizad,being the superbly nice friend he is,realises the change and is bent on finding out the shadows covering the light.Will he be able to?Hmm…Only People Who Read Knows (Only God Knows..Ok,lame)

Aizad,always the loyal friend cum problem-solver.

Who is this?Is he a character from Dragon Ball?

One of my favourite scenes.They depicted the way Mat Saleh (Englishmen in Malay,originated from the word Mat Sailor which meant Sailor dude in layman terms) speak Malay perfectly.

A favourite of mine.Also a new character in this sequel.

Another favourite.Plus he’s even better than he looks.*blush*


As a Whole

Misi 10A is much better than it’s prequel,Misi 8A,and I’m not just saying this because I used to like Zahid.It seems it was more than what I had expected and ultimately,it’s not just your average ‘Do this to get good grades’ book.I really liked the new characters and I think they fared great in this comic.Another aspect is the conflict that Zahid’s facing is pretty much the very factor that did not make me put the comic down even though I was having a horrible headache at that time.

(By the way,I pretty much am more lenient to comics/mangas than I am to anime)


First off,I love the cover!The colouring is just magnificent and the artist,Zul Fadhli,had a unique style of art.Secondly,the book was in colourrrrrr,all CMYK.I do not really like comics with colours,actually,but yeah,the colouring was fine.(After reading Transformers:Drift,no other coloured comics have been able to catch my fancy in the colouring dept)


I think it would be nicer as black-and-white,judging that Afiq’s shading and details are really good.The colours kinda did not give nice details but of course,who am I to talk?I suck at digital colouring.Though,I have to say,if they ever plan to make another coloured comic,I do hope the colouring artist do not dismiss the details.

PS:Aizad is really hot in this comic!Haha xD




I liked the added genre and there were more ‘information sect in a comic’ in this sequel.Though,I think some parts were abit lame………but that must be cause I just don’t like romance.Sometimes,Aizad seem more mysterious than Mat,which was kinda weird since he is Zahid’s best friend.But,as a complete series,it was really good.

Character Development


Yep,character development’s good.Even if you have not read the prequel,you would pretty much understand the relationship among the other characters.The new characters were also fitted in perfectly.Thumbs up!



It’s not that the drawing sucks.It’s not.In fact,Aizad is more handsome here.It’s just that details were not seen that much…Pretty much,it’s like reading Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga with added details….and included colour.I don’t know,I’m just not a fan of coloured comics.

Pendekar Melayu Terakhir

Title:Pendekar Melayu Terakhir

Cartoonist:Azhar Abdullah

Publisher:PTSone Komik-M

Language:Bahasa Melayu

Volumes:Complete,I guess

Yeah,I read it today.Even though I was not attracted by the inside illustration,I forced myself to read it.I realised that this comic is really


The story is set in Malaya during the Japanese Invasion,portraying about how the Malays suffered and how this one man fights off the barbarian Japanese soldier.

Some beautifully-sadistic scenes:

Fried to the crisp,but still have an inch of life

Dodges and BLAM! The bullet goes straight through the soldier’s forehead

I really like this comic and wouldn’t mind buying it the next time I see it in Malaysia’s Popular Bookstore.Azhar Abdullah’s art is really smooth and his blackness inking is absurdly good.I’m beginning to wonder if he was involved in MOY publishings but that’s not important.I like his fighting drawings and the slight grore in this comic,it makes me want to read Hunter x Hunter again.Haha…


Really good complete series,nice development of the main character.The artist’s reason of writing this comic is also clear.Emotions are drawn well and presented beautifully,even if one does not know much about the character,one can easily feel the sadness the character is welling up.If you can read and understand Malay,then I recommend you to buy this as a souvenir from Malaysia :P